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The fashion industry, one of the oldest industries in the world, has historically been resistant to technological innovation. But Fashion GPS is on a mission to change that, most recently with the introduction of the newly updated Fashion GPS Radar app.

GPS Radar, one of many apps provided by Fashion GPS, lets fashion bloggers, editors, buyers, or anyone else in the industry organize their fashion week and keep track of their favorite looks.

With the update, Fashion GPS is bringing in some features from other apps to make GPS Radar a more full-featured experience.

Now, editors, bloggers, and buyers can not only keep track of their Fashion Week, but they can browse designer looks and request samples for those looks all from the same app.

This is a big change for Fashion GPS, which has always kept its applications separate based on use cases.

The update is also bringing with it the ability to search by designer, season or agency, as well as by fabric, color or clothing type.

“The biggest challenge we will face in 2014, especially with the roll-out of products like requesting on GPS Radar or via GPS Styles, is the adaptation of the industry,” said founder and CEO Eddie Mullen. “Based on previous experience we are confident that while adoption may be slow, once brands begin to use this tool to streamline the hundreds of sample/image requests they receive and editors learn how to access samples from hundreds of brands using their Radar app, it will certainly create yet another behavioral shift in the industry.”

In 2010, Fashion GPS had around 50 percent of brands using their products, and that has since grown to around 95 percent today.

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