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Even in high schools where uniforms are not required, students tend to dress alike, usually in jeans. Kids on teams tend to wear their sport uniforms, and there are always the few Goths in black.

But most high schools do not have students dressing up as much as they do in Disney Channel's new comedy "I Didn't Do It." The half-hour series follows twins Logan and Lindy (Austin North, Olivia Holt) and their pals in their freshman year of high school. The pilot had them throwing a party when the parents were away.

Sure, the parents hired someone they thought would be a responsible adult to watch the kids. The parents returned to find their home trashed -- a goat munching on mom's wedding gown, a pizza on the ceiling, a pregnant boa in the couch cushions and a baby sitter in her 90s passed out in the hot tub.

The kids, however, look great while getting into all this trouble.

"The overall look of the show is fun," costume designer Heidi Kaczenski tells Zap2it. "Some of the characters are a little more fashion forward and follow the trends a little more closely. Some create their own fashion because it is a comedy and because it is for kids, and you want them to enjoy looking at it."

Lindy is "extraordinarily confident and very, very bright," Kaczenski says. "For her we had the initial episode she was a cheerleader. We have not gone into that as much in other episodes. She is sporty but very, very feminine."

She wears flouncy little skirts, which are not too short, and likes wearing a cobalt blue sequined jacket over a team shirt.

Her twin, Logan, has a better wardrobe than most freshman boys. "We are playing his look as casual," Kaczenski says. "We do shop designer pieces for him but don't put it together in a stuffy way."

He wears Diesel, True Religion, John Varvatos' Converse line and Ralph Lauren's Club Monaco. "We dress him in deeper jewel tones and a darker palette, not the vibrant colors you see on characters that age on TV," Kaczenski says.

The best way to think of Delia's (Sarah Gilman ) look is that she is an individual, not easily swayed by trends or, apparently, mirrors.

"She loves vintage, and we mix that with modern pieces," Kaczenski says. "She has a lot of confidence in her look. It is not something everyone would put together."

Only a willowy teen can pull off horizontal, wide striped metallic shorts with an overly ruffled top. "She is extremely fashion-conscious, and the character is really bright," Kaczenski says of Jasmine (Piper Curda ). She shops for her at Top Shop, H&M and Forever 21.

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