Is Burberry losing the rights to its infamous checked design? Fashion house ... - Daily Mail

  • Trademark office in China has pulled protection for famed print

  • Burberry will appeal and say they're 'confident' they'll be successful

By Bianca London


Burberry has been forced to appeal against a decision made by the Chinese authorities to cancel the trademark protection for their iconic tartan print.

The trademark office in China has pulled the legal protection for the famed camel, red and black tartan design on Burberry's leather goods.

The trademark, which would have run until 2020, was cancelled because Burberry hasn't used that specific checked pattern in China for three years, report the Guardian.

Is Burberry losing the rights to its infamous checked design? Luxury fashion house appeals as China cancels tartan trademark

Is Burberry losing the rights to its infamous checked design? Luxury fashion house appeals as China cancels tartan trademark

The change will not, however, come into effect until after the appeal is heard, according to the company.

If the decision was made official, rival fashion houses could use Burberry's signature pattern on their designs in China.

'The Burberry check remains a registered trademark exclusively owned by Burberry and no other parties can use the mark without Burberry's proper authorisation,' the company said.

The trademark office in China has pulled the legal protection for the famed camel, red and black tartan design on Burberry's leather goods

'Burberry always takes the strongest possible action against those who use its trademarks unlawfully…We are confident that our appeal will be successful.'

The pattern has become so iconic over the years that Scotland now consider it a 'corporate tartan', says the country's tartan register.

Burberry sales topped £1billion in the past six months as the luxury clothing and goods business continued to draw in customers around the world.

The achievement was hailed by boss Angela Ahrendts, who announced plans last month to step down by mid-2014 to take up a new position with Apple.

Burberry shares are down about six per cent since the news Ahrendts will be succeeded by Christopher Bailey, who will also retain his chief creative officer role, with some investors arguing the two jobs would not sit easily together.

The tartan print has become famously associated with the luxury fashion house

The tartan print has become famously associated with the luxury fashion house

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Even The Fashion World Gets Stuffed On Thanksgiving - Huffington Post

When it comes to the holidays, we're surrounded by our friends, family and loved ones... and an insane amount of festive food. Sometimes we need time away, a few minutes to ourselves to check our social media accounts. Admit it, we're all guilty.

In case you were entirely engrossed in your Thanksgiving dinner or being trampled over at the Black Friday sales, we're here to provide you with everything you missed on Twitter. Sass and more sass by Chrissy Teigen, but what's new? Cats dressed as Thanksgiving, because why not? And then our mantra of the week: "Eat Pie, Drink Wine, Be Thankful." Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

Scroll for some more tweets of the week.

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Arkansas Follows Fashion, and the Money, Out of Its Home Away From Home - New York Times

Stylemaker | Celia Catlett takes fashion cues from her mother - The Courier-Journal

Celia Catlett is proof that simple items can be combined to create a great look.

The lawyer for Texas Roadhouse opened up about her style choices.

Describe your style in three words: classic, practical, feminine.

Style icons: My mom’s influence really shaped how I present myself as a woman, but I love Kate Middleton’s style.

Signature accessories: High heels, tennis bracelet, perfume.

What are you buying this fall to update your look: a sweater trench.

Favorite fall trend: winter white.

Favorite places to shop: I get a lot of my clothes from the online personal shopper Stitch Fix, but I also love Von Maur, Francesca’s and Crush Boutique

Favorite style tip: Jewelry makes the outfit. Never be afraid to accessorize, even with a T-shirt and jeans.

Item you’ll never part with: my granddad’s cardigan.

Go-to outfit: skinny jeans, T-shirt, ballet flats, hoop earrings.

Must-have beauty products in your makeup bag: lotion, bronzer, mascara, ColorStay lipstick.

How often you shop for new clothes: once a month.

Favorite colors this season: jewel tones.

Time it takes you to get dressed: one hour.

What are the building blocks of your style: jeans, black pants, a casual and versatile dress, a great pair of comfortable heels and statement accessories.

What’s your style philosophy or motto: “Playing dress-up begins at 5 and never truly ends,” from Kate Spade.

What’s the biggest fashion or beauty risk you’ve ever taken: cutting 10 inches off of my hair.

Every woman should wear a (fill-in-the-blank) at least once in her life: a floor-length gown.

What’s the biggest fashion faux pas a person can commit: wearing poorly fitting clothes.

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Taylor Swift Gushes Over 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Angels in Behind ... - Taste of Country

Taylor Swift may not be a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she certainly looked pretty ethereal performing on the runway of the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Now, fans can watch a sneak peek of the show before it airs, along with Swift’s thoughts on the models.

The brief footage shows what it’s like backstage before the show and the excited energy seems to jump through the computer screen.

There are Angels who are still toning their already trim muscles, lots of hair and makeup underway and loads of bright camera flashes of photographers vying for the best poses.

The clip also features one of the biggest stars of the night — Swift in all her glory, posing serenely on the pink carpet and then working the glittery silver runway alongside of some of today’s top models.

“The outfits were amazing,” she gushed. “The girls are so incredible and so nice and so sweet; this is the best!”

Although she was initially snubbed by model Jessica Hart, the singer can still stand by her comments about the Angels being “so nice,” as Hart quickly took back her “mean” words.

The ‘Red’ singer opted to wear a tiny sparkly number during her performance of ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and went British with Fall Out Boy and ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)’ during the British Invasion portion of the evening. Other themes of the night included Snow Angels, Shipwrecked, Parisian Nights, Pink Network, and Birds of Paradise.

With her leggy frame and tremendous talent, Swift fit right in with all of the Angels, except for the lingerie aspect!

Next: See Taylor Swift's Best Lyrics

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Arkansas Follows Fashion, and the Money, Out of Its Home Away From Home - New York Times

Kanye West's Best Fashion Rants, Burberry CEO Talks Transition, YouTube's ... - Fashionista

Gabriel Olsen/Getty

Leaving Legacies: Following the announcement that Ann Demeulemeester is leaving her namesake label, we remember this iconic artist’s many contributions to the fashion industry. Meanwhile, Burberry’s CEO Angela Ahrendts takes to LinkedIn to reflect on her relationship with the brand and why she’s moving on.

Interview’s New Columnist: Harry Brant, our favorite 17-year-old publishing scion, gives us the scoop on his new column and eyebrow regime.

Mad About Fashion: In honor of the verbal knife that Kanye West stabbed in Sway Calloway’s heart during their heated fashion discussion, we’ve put together a list of the rapper’s best style-centric rants. Feel better Sway, you’re not alone and neither is Ye…kind of?

Behind the Scenes of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Step into the fitting room with these lovely VS models and meet the creators of the sexiest outfits you’ll ever see in this exclusive video.

Best/Craziest Fashion Moments at the AMAs: We couldn’t help spending our Sunday night obsessing over the eclectic ensembles worn by our favorite celebrities at the American Music Awards, namely Rihanna’s new hairdo that we’re really hoping won’t be a trend in 2014.

Investigating Lady Gaga: Let’s just say it took a lot of really weird Googling to find out who designed Gaga’s most recent whatchamacallit/dress and where you can buy it.

New Shops Break Ground, Literally: Rebecca Minkoff and Toms have jumped on the retail-tech bandwagon with the launch of digital storefronts. Coach is looking to the next generation with its new flagship store, and Karl Lagerfeld is opening his London flagship in 2014.

YouTube’s Most-Viewed Beauty Videos: Who would you expect to hold the no. 1 spot for most viewed video, Robert Pattinson or a makeup tutorial for concealing acne? After you test those looks, you’ll want check out these beauty products to keep your skin break-out free during the holidays. RPatz and your vlogging career will thank you for it.

Your Black Friday Spirit Guide: We really really hope you followed our Black Friday shopping tips, if not for your sake then for the sake of all of those amazingly discounted handbags and shoes that we told you about. Keep this wisdom somewhere safe until next year.

Cher Coulter’s Exclusive Holiday Gift Guide: The celebrity stylist to hunks like Orlando Bloom put together a list of must-give gifts just for us. You can get it all online and take part in sending web sales into the stratosphere.

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Kanye West Kouture: Our 7 Favorite Fashion Fits! -

kanye west chicago gif

Kanye West has a passion for fashion, and he's NOT afraid to show it!!

His inner fashionisto comes out when he's tipsy, when he's sober, and basically every time he has a radio interview of late.

Need to play catch-up on all of Yeezus' latest and greatest fashion fits?

Then we have the PERFECT gallery for you!!!

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Kanye West Kouture: Our 7 Favorite Fashion Fits!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Kanye West Kouture: Our 7 Favorite Fashion Fits!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Kanye West Kouture: Our 7 Favorite Fashion Fits!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Kanye West Kouture: Our 7 Favorite Fashion Fits!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Kanye West Kouture: Our 7 Favorite Fashion Fits!"

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Put On Your Fashion Armor: It's Black Friday. What To Wear To Battle The Crowds - Glamour (blog)

Saturday, 11/30/2013 at 9:01AM

If there was ever a day that you needed fashion armor, it's today, Black Friday. Now, you've all studied Danica's tips for shopping the sales—but I'm here to tell you what to wear today to brace yourself for battle of the boutiques "(and superstores!). Happy shopping!


Think Zoe Saldana, Kate Moss (with hubby Jamie Hince to carry her loot), and Diane Kruger will fight their way through Black Friday? Or do they seem more like Cyber Monday types of girls?

You'll need the perfect outfit to keep you cool and collected, not to mention nimble in the aisles and dressing rooms, because, yes, you're totally going to shop for yourself, too. (Just own it.) It all comes down to these five fashionably easy steps:

1. Dress in layers: This will take you seamlessly from waiting outdoors into the heated mall or in and out of shops while shopping on a main street.

2. Separates are key: Make sure you're wearing uncomplicated layers—like a lean tee and a sweater, as opposed to a fussy button-down, for easy fitting. Plus you'll have comparison and pairing pieces for trying on a skirt or trousers.

3. Opt for skinny jeans or leggings: So you can slip on a dress or skirt on the floor while skipping crowded dressing rooms. Hey, there's no shame in efficient shopping, ladies.

4. Skip the heels: Wear comfortable shoes because you'll be walking and standing in line a lot, but also ones that are easy to slip on and off for easy shoe try-ons. A comfy mid-heel is also good if you're trying on dresses and more formal trousers.

5. Pack light: Just carry your essentials in a small cross-body to avoid any back aches and to keep your hands free for all those purchases.

Shop out some essential holiday shopping outfit pieces here and may the force be with you!

Don't forget to check out Nikki's exhaustive list of today's and Cyber Monday's mega-sales, too!

Which is your favorite piece? What do you like to wear while holiday shopping?

Photos: Getty Images

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Designer Stephane St. Jaymes Makes Fashion Splash with Michi Marshall - ChicagoNow (blog)

Even The Fashion World Gets Stuffed On Thanksgiving - Huffington Post

When it comes to the holidays, we're surrounded by our friends, family and loved ones... and an insane amount of festive food. Sometimes we need time away, a few minutes to ourselves to check our social media accounts. Admit it, we're all guilty.

In case you were entirely engrossed in your Thanksgiving dinner or being trampled over at the Black Friday sales, we're here to provide you with everything you missed on Twitter. Sass and more sass by Chrissy Teigen, but what's new? Cats dressed as Thanksgiving, because why not? And then our mantra of the week: "Eat Pie, Drink Wine, Be Thankful." Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

Scroll for some more tweets of the week.

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This Week In Fashion – Top 5 2013 Black Friday Deals -

Every shop-a-holics favorite time of the year is here

The epic annual and traditional shopping day following Thanksgiving has arrived. Black Friday is here again with deals to die for. Dedicated bargain shoppers are caught trampling each other for unbelievable sales that hit top selling stores such as Macy's and Walmart, giving the economy the financial boost it needs.

Reports reveal this year’s Black Friday leading stores were Walmart and Target, which recorded a completion of 10 million transactions in as little as four hours. The Wall Street Journal reports that Target and Walmart opened its doors on Thanksgiving night, instead of midnight Friday morning like previous years, which increased the level of customers and sales since the recession.

According to Fox News the National Retail Federation expects retail sales to go up 3.9 percent to $602.1 billion, especially due to big ticket electronic sales.

Although electronics are the main attraction for a majority of consumers this year, with deals on cellular phones, cameras, tablet computers, and even big screen TVs, many deals were given on stylish and trendy apparel.

In case you’re wondering how tempting these sales could possibly be, take a look at this year's top 5 Black Friday deals going on right now.

5. To all the ladies into Juicy, today is your moment of bliss. Juicy Couture is selling all merchandise (for 40 percent off both in store and online. Stay warm in this Black Friday exclusive leopard print faux fur coat for $279.99 (reg. price $398.00).

4. Forever 21 fails to disappoint it’s customers with trending styles and merchandise selling as low as $3.00. This high-rated ribbed bobbycon skirt was on sale in four different colors for $6.00 (reg. price $8.80).

3. Shoes are known to be a women’s best friend and many of them were on sale for up to 50 percent off at Macy’s . A top seller was the Rampage Eleanor Dress boots in Black and Camel for $19.99 (reg. price $69.00).

2. H&M did it big with deals up to 70 percent off. Check out these Super skinny super low denim jeans at H&M for only $9.95 (reg. price $19.95).

1. Calvin Klein is offering 50 percent off on merchandise and free shipping for online purchases. This leather haircalf tote went on sale for $274.99 from $548.00 and takes an additional 30 percent off upon purchase. Now thats a deal!

BONUS: Are you updated and in style with the latest communication gadgets? Android lovers can find the Samsung Galaxy S4 for only $0.96 (reg. price $399.99) at Sam’s Club when they sign up for a two-year contract or qualify for an upgrade.

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Vivienne Westwood's book of revelations will tell candid story of a fashion ... - The Guardian

British designer Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood with her husband Andreas Kronthaler at the Paris Fashion Week in September. Photograph: Gonzalo Fuentes /REUTERS

Vivienne Westwood's fashion career has taken her from the artfully stained T-shirts of the punk era to the jaunty pheasant feathers and ruched velvets of the English dandy look. And now her story is to be told by the man who has successfully interpreted the life of two of the greatest peacocks of history, Beau Brummell and Casanova.

Ian Kelly, the actor and biographer, has been working in secret with Dame Vivienne for some months on a version of her life story that, he says, will amaze readers with its frank revelations.

Speaking about his book this weekend Kelly said he believes the innovative, 72-year-old fashion designer's life is the perfect way to look at the influences that have reshaped postwar Britain. "There is an extraordinary story here, offering a person-shaped keyhole on British culture, on modern feminism and, of course, on fashion," he said.

Kelly wants his book, to be published next autumn, to dwell on the details of Westwood's early life in Derbyshire before he switches gear for "the rock star years". Born Vivienne Swire in Tintwistle in 1941, Westwood trained as a teacher before marrying and having her first son. She gained notoriety, and then fame, as the partner of the late Malcolm McLaren when the two set up their clothes shop, SEX, on Kings Road in London. Since then her unorthodox sense of style has led the transformation of the UK fashion industry from an international backwater into a major player.

"Vivienne was quite straight with me about the fact that Malcolm not being here any more allows her to say more. She is respectful of his memory though, and about what their collaboration meant. Until I spent time with her, I had not realised that Vivienne's work has been a series of crucial creative dialogues, leading up to the one she has now with her former student Andreas Kronthaler, her husband since 1992."

On the announcement of the book last week, Westwood said: "The living deserve respect. The dead deserve the truth; Ian and I are working together on this and I am excited this will be my story, the story nobody ever did before."

Kelly was approached to write the book because of his biographies of the Regency buck Brummell and the 18th-century lover Casanova, although he knew and admired Westwood, as a fan of the 2004 V&A exhibition that showcased her 18th-century tailoring. "I do come at her story from a dandy perspective," said Kelly, "but also from the point of view of the importance of the maverick, of the eruption of caprice.It is the kind of argument Oscar Wilde puts forward, about the way of getting serious points across while apparently being frivolous." Much of Westwood's sense of style is in the Brummell tradition, said Kelly, although he "recognises a disregard for convention that I saw in Casanova's life". The book was to have been a straightforward authorised biography but became a collaboration. Westwood has waived her right to censor the content, says Kelly, but will contribute passages.

"Vivienne is wonderfully candid. I sat there with my jaw on the table for a lot of it. Especially about what went on in the 1970s. It will be revelatory, I think," he said. "Vivienne is alive and very connected, and so I would be an idiot not to used her as a source for a lot of the material. Then I have been doing what I would normally do, looking at sources and archives and interviewing people who know her, from Jerry Hall and Pamela Anderson, to Shami Chakrabarti."

The book will link Westwood's passion for culture and her activism as a vocal supporter of Greenpeace and Liberty, the human rights campaign group.

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Kishore Biyani bets big on fashion business, eyes Rs 7000 crore revenue next ... - Economic Times

MUMBAI: Future Group founder Kishore Biyani today said he expects to clock Rs 7,000 crore from the fashion business in the next financial year.

"The fashion vertical, we think we will be a Rs 7,000- crore plus business, which is far larger than any of our other verticals. We believe 'Fashion at Big Bazaar' will be contributing Rs 3,000 crore and 'Future Lifestyle Fashion' the balance Rs 4,000 crore next fiscal," Biyani said, adding that company will increase its focus on this vertical.

Fashion at Big Bazaar today roped in cricketer Shikhar Dhawan as its brand ambassador.

The group would be adding 1.5 million sqft retail space next year.

Future Lifestyle Fashion divested minority stakes in Biba and Anita Dongre-owned AND for Rs 450 crore and Biyani said the company is now looking at acquiring stakes in new firms.

"Wherever we had minority stake, we exited in two companies AND and Biba. We have stakes in other companies. I don't think we are currently in discussion on exiting any of them...In fact we are looking at picking up stakes in footwear, handbag, other fashion -- women and men's wear companies now," he said.

The company will soon announce a licensing deal with an international company to get into aerated beverages space. The deal is expected to be closed as early as December 9, he added.

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Stylemaker | Celia Catlett takes fashion cues from her mother - The Courier-Journal


"Where Addiction is a Good Thing!" That's the motto emblazoned on the menu at Sharom's, a nifty...- 3:35 am

My wife and I have been regulars at Vietnam Kitchen for 15 years, ever since Alex and Kim Lam...- 4:21 am

Queen of Sheba may have a new venue, but the menu hasn't changed a bit.- 3:57 am

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What It Means When You Dream About Fashion - Elle

Photo: Image Source

We've all done it: rolled over, sleep dust cornering our eyelids, eager to recount last night's dream before our voice even finds its footing. We want to talk about the bizarre things we saw, to analyze them. But what about when we dream of mundane things? Should we dismiss them since they don't make quite the same pillow talk as those part-unicorn, part-Cameron Diaz hybrids?

Well, no. As dream expert Lauri Loewenberg attests, the everyday motifs we see in our dreams—roads, lakes, teeth, books—are just as important, if not more, than the amazingly unique ones. In the lawless, Wild West landscape of the dream world, it's these familiar images that experts can actually lasso, track, and study, illuminating the deeper meaning behind them in the process.

And as it turns out, clothing is one of the most frequent themes to pop up in our subconscious. According to Loewenberg, author of Dream On It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life , there's a rhyme and reason to the wardrobe we see while we sleep. Below, her guide to decoding the most common fashion, accessory and clothing-related issues in our dreams:

Photo: Susana J. Toledo


Shoes represent confidence. If you find your subconscious self wobbling around missing a stiletto, it may be a sign you're feeling vulnerable. But if you’ve got visions of yourself planted firmly in a pair of chunky platforms, it could reflect your real life sure-footedness.


Dreaming of yourself in a state of undress tends to be your mind’s way of manifesting insecurities—but deeper, emotional insecurities, not just physical ones.

Photo: Donald Iain Smith

Ripped Clothes

Seeing ripped clothing in your dreams usually signals that you’re going through grief or other stressful moments. If you’re picturing yourself in tattered Levi's, it's typically bad news—no matter how great your dream self looks in that distressed denim.


To the dreaming mind, the earring isn't about embellishment, it's about your ability to listen to others. It's very common to lose an earring in a dream, a good indication you're refusing to listen to someone else's point of view or you aren't truly hearing what they're trying to tell you.

Photo: Adrianna Williams


In dreams, sunglasses symbolize your desire to turn a blind eye towards an unwanted truth. If your constantly dreaming of yourself in your Ray-Bans, you may want to take a deeper inventory of your life.


We keep our money, our IDs and credit cards safe within our purses and handbag, so in a dream, they represent our sense of self-worth, our credibility and our identity. Losing your purse or having it stolen in a dream suggests you may be going through a bit of an identity crisis, feeling worthless or even that you are not getting the credit that you deserve. On the other hand, if you are carrying an awesome bag—a Mulberry tote or McQueen minaudiere—it indicates you are feeling secure and even proud in who you are.

Stains and Spills

Searching for a Tide pen in your subconscious signals that your waking mind is feeling guilty and eager to clean up a mess.


Prints and patterns represent consistency, so if you dream of plaids and polka dots, you’re probably feeling confident in your sense of style and your ability to express yourself.

Photo: Floresco Productions


Your mind's trying to tell you that your options are endless, from new love interests to career advances. In our dreams, shopping's a good thing—just like in real life.

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Justin Welby has got his wires crossed on fashion - The Guardian

Madonna Wembley concert 2006

Madonna exploits religious iconography at the start of her Confessions world tour at Wembley in 2006. Photograph: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

If there is anyone out there who doesn't have enough to be shocked about, you can bet your John Galliano that the fashion industry will find some way to offend them within the next five minutes. That's what fashion thrives on: subversion and irreverence; an immaculately groomed, sneering Johnny Rotten worth millions, the world's best-dressed troll.

The latest person to express outrage at this industry's flagrant disregard for common decency is the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who writes in the foreword to his first Lent book that the crucifix has become a fashion statement, devoid of religious meaning. This from a man who regularly wears a dress made of gold.

To claim the cross as simply a Christian motif now is to exist in a vacuum. To express disappointment at the fact it has become just another bauble is to miss the point entirely, something the church has proved adept at for 2,000 years. When institutions insist on stasis, they become irrelevant. And when they do that in high dudgeon, they invite iconoclasm – something fashion has proved adept at for just as long.

People have worn crosses as decoration since Christ was taken down from his: just look at any Giotto frescoes or Renaissance dandy portraits. Devout, God-fearing people from a time when the cross meant everything – and when it was just as much of an ornament as it is now.

What Welby doesn't appear to realise is that the cross has more meaning now than it ever has done, thanks, in part, to its rehabilitation at the hands of what he calls "fashion", but what is actually just habit and custom. For many, the cross is a piece of jewellery you don't take off, rather than a trend. Before "fashion" made it ubiquitous, you mostly saw the cross on banners over the heads of knights sacking cities; before fashion, it was a symbol under which men and women were arbitrarily burned to death. We have evolved to wear crucifixes on necklaces without feeling the crushing weight of potential divine wrath and brimstone.

Now you see 14th-century-style devotional mosaics picked out in paillettes across a dress by Dolce & Gabbana, and Byzantine-style crosses inlaid on leather under the instructions of Donatella Versace. These mischievous Italian designers are working in the high Catholic mode, inspired by the opulence of the religion their country has grown up with. They weave religious imagery into their work, not to strip it of meaning but because it remains at the heart of their culture still. Not, perhaps, for its dogma, but for its iconography, its traditions, its teachings. And for its beauty.

The appropriation of the establishment into popular culture is nothing new. In the wake of the 60s and punk, we have no more hallowed icons to tiptoe around. It's a free-for-all. Look around and you'll see people walking about in T-shirts printed with CCCP or plastered with Che Guevara's face. Look further and you see people in faked approximations of designer logos – that they've been traduced doesn't detract from their meaning; it gives them a new story.

This is no bad thing. Once, people wore the cross for protection. Thankfully, we don't need to live by talismans and the evil eye any more: we have science. So our lingering affection for the cross is entirely symbolic. What Welby doesn't realise is that advertising execs would kill their firstborn to come up with something with such visual traction, something that needs no explanation and no translation.

The archbishop should reflect on the fact that religion must adapt to survive. We are a Christian culture, if not a Christian nation any more. That the cross no longer stands for exactly what it signified in the 13th century is logical. And it's a comfortable osmosis. I'd take trendy over tyranny any day.

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Muppets Holiday Special: Watch Lady Gaga and RuPaul Duet on 'Fashion' (Video) - TheWrap

It’s not easy bringing back disco

What’s sometimes missing from a modern Muppets special is a sense of the 70s. One of the joys of rewatching the original “Muppet Show” is seeing shaggy-haired ’70s superstars like Mark Hamill and John Denver earnestly mixing it up with Muppets in fully polyester regalia.

Lady Gaga did her best to capture disco decade nostalgia with her RuPaul duet on Thursday’s “Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Spectacular.” The song was “Fashion,” a very 70s concept, the beat was Chic, the color scheme appropriately garish.

Also read: ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Trailer: Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais and a Frog on the Lam (Video)

Would it have killed Gaga to wear a lava lamp on her head? Still, looking good and feeling fine.

Watch the video:

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Zackees LED turn signal gloves are a geeky fusion of tech, fashion, and safety - VentureBeat

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Zackees LED turn signal gloves are a geeky fusion of tech, fashion, and safety


A unique fusion of fashion and tech, the gloves are equipped with their own arrow-shaped strings of LEDs, which cyclists can use to signal that they're turning. They're the sort of thing that screams “geek,” but if they keep the wearer safe, geekiness ...

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Black Friday: 10 best fashion and beauty deals -


There are generous discounts to be had online this weekend, all you need to know is where to look. Luckily we've done the hard work for you

BY Olivia Bergin and Jessica Moorhouse |
29 November 2013

Whether you're starting your Christmas shopping or looking to treat yourself, here are the best places to grab a bargain this weekend


End your hunt for the perfect party dress and accessories with a trip to Whistles, both in store and online. From now until Monday, December 2, you'll receive 20 per cent off everything and to top that Whistles will donate £2 from every transaction to homeless charity Shelter.


Never knowingly undersold, British retail giant, John Lewis has joined in on the Black Friday action and is offering hundreds of bargains for just one day only; This GHD Wonderland set is currently £97.50 instead of £195. Deals are available instore and online.


Ethically friendly knitwear brand, Chinti and Parker are hosting an online 20% off sale until midnight on Monday - making sure your wardrobe is not short of stylish, super soft winter staples. Why not try on this ' love ' sweater for size, down from £350 to £280. Marvellous.


Boots are having a four-day long weekend of discounts and the UK's number one selling fragrance for men, Paco Rabane is being sold (amongst an entire range of discounted fragrances) for £35, rather than £54. Yes that's right folks.


You'd have to be computer illiterate to miss out on Debenhams big gift event. Practically everything online is reduced from between 20 and 50 per cent until Sunday. Get clicking…


There's up to 40 per cent off dresses and a generous 10 per cent off Crème de la Mer products at House of Fraser - both in store and online.


You have until 1am on Saturday morning to benefit from 25 per cent off at cult fashion e-tailer Avenue 32. Simply settle on what you're after (this could take a while...) and enter the code 252453 at the checkout.


Apple's Black Friday offering doesn't just pander to its devoted techno fans. Slip your iPhone5 in this chic mini crossbody case down to £98 from £119.95. It's enough to turn even the iTechiest of heads at the till.


Who said Christmas shopping always had to be about spending money on everyone else. Head to Amazon , a leader in Black Friday sales for beauty and fashion treats galore. This Nails Inc red nail liquor polish is just the ticket for a bargainous purchase for yourself.


A great destination for gifts, take advantage of 20 per cent off everything on the Urban Outfitters website with the code: PARTY. Plus, delivery is just £1 for a limited time.

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Kate Moss To Receive British Fashion Award -

Georgina Chapman balances fashion, film, kids - Charleston Post Courier

10 (More) Influential Fashion Designers Time Has Forgotten - Fashionista

Fashion's Latest Muse - New York Times

Fashion forward: Betty's Divine offers unique, vintage-style clothing on Hip Strip - The Missoulian

“They are not swimsuits. They’re party suits,” the Australians told Aimee McQuilkin of Betty’s Divine during her last buying trip to Los Angeles.

Whatever they are, the nylon one-pieces, sporting the fierce faces of wild animals and produced by the Australian company Bamm-Bamm, will line the shelves of Betty’s Divine this spring.

McQuilkin is sure the versatile onesies will fly out of the store and into the closets of Montana fashionistas, serving as a chic staple for the warmer months of 2014.

For eight years, Betty’s Divine has continued to sell vintage-inspired clothing to fashion-savvy clientele.

The South Higgins Avenue boutique’s name, Betty’s Divine, doesn’t have very exciting roots, McQuilkin said.

It was inspired by the books, art and music from McQuilkin’s childhood that pointed to “Betty” as “your ultimate woman,” while the “Divine” part evolved as part of that vintage-inspired theme.

Located on Missoula’s Hip Strip, Betty’s Divine has been a great venture from the start, McQuilkin said.

“It’s obviously something that Missoula wanted,” she said. “It’s been evolving, but it continues to be fun.”

The spring will also see a return of saltwater sandals – shoes for adults that are made from leather and can be worn in the water or, as McQuilkin puts it, a “fashionista’s alternative to Chacos.”

Tie-dye will also enjoy a surge of popularity this spring and McQuilkin has those young Deadhead wannabes covered with plenty of choice pieces to choose from.

“It’s so bad that it’s good,” she said, giggling.

Initially, she couldn’t endorse tie-dye’s resurrection, but eventually it grew on her. Come March, the store will show off tie-dye trucker hats, tank tops and dresses.

Unlike the one-suit-fits-all animal print onesie and easy tie-dye sundresses, this winter’s fads tend to be a little less practical.

At Betty’s Divine, shoppers can now find wool shorts – a seemingly oxymoronic piece of clothing with summer design in a winter material. But the hot pants are designed to be worn with colorful tights and ankle booties, which can keep women cute and warm even on the short, cold days of winter.

The shorts are one of McQuilkin’s personal favorites, along with tiny rings designed to be worn above the knuckle called midi rings.

Every September, Betty’s Divine hosts a fashion show during the Hip Strip block party, but this spring McQuilkin and other downtown boutiques are considering hosting Missoula’s first fashion week, complete with fashion shows and events.

Milan, Paris and New York obviously have really famous fashion weeks, she said, but now smaller metropolitan areas like Austin, Texas, and Portland, Ore., are hosting their own unique fashion celebrations.

“I see no reason why Missoula can’t embrace it, too,” McQuilkin said.

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British Fashion Awards to Honor Suzy Menkes - Women's Wear Daily

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ON A ROLL: Suzy Menkes will ring in her 25 years as style editor of the International New York Times — formerly the International Herald Tribune — by receiving a Special Recognition Award at the British Fashion Awards in London next week, the British Fashion Council said Thursday.

Menkes, who joined the IHT as style editor in 1988, has also worked for The Times in London, the London Evening Standard and The Independent newspapers. Menkes is a graduate of Cambridge University, where she was the first female editor of the university’s newspaper.

Ahead of receiving the honor at the awards, which will take place at the London Coliseum on Dec. 2, figures in the British fashion industry lined up to congratulate Menkes.

“The brain under that front-roll [hairstyle] is a phenomenon,” Sarah Mower, the British Fashion Council’s ambassador for emerging talent and contributing editor to Vogue USA, said in the BFC's statement.

“I’m in awe of the agenda-setting pieces she pens between Milan and Paris which both interrogate fashion’s motives and put it in its rightful cultural and economic place,” Mower added.

Milliner Stephen Jones said: “Suzy is fashion. Suzy is the benchmark by which all others are judged. Few come close in authority, experience, judgment and hairdo.”

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Alpaca Couture prepares to showcase fashion collection in Las Vegas - Herald Times Reporter

MISHICOT — Wade Von Giessen wasn’t searching for a Welsh fashion designer.

And Antonella Commatteo wasn’t searching for an American alpaca breeder.

But, as the fashion fates would have it, their paths crossed in spring 2012 at an alpaca conference in England. Now, their joint venture, Alpaca Couture, is preparing to step into the international fashion spotlight.

Their Freedom collection, featuring 15 handcrafted outfits incorporating alpaca, silk, chiffon and taffeta, will be showcased during Fashion Week Las Vegas on Feb. 17-21 at the Palms Casino Resort.

“When I first saw Antonella’s work, I thought it was so captivating and advanced,” said Von Giessen, of Mishicot, who founded Alpaca Couture. “And that’s how I’d describe this Freedom collection too. It’s definitely for people who are confident and want to stand out. It’s a great collection, and we’re so happy that we’re getting a chance to show it on such a big stage in Las Vegas.

“All of this has just been a great match for Antonella and I, because we’ve been able to work together to create something grand. And part of the surprise is that everything is happening two to three years ahead of schedule. This really bumps us up in the fashion world and it brings heightened awareness to the alpaca industry. All of this is giving us a name in a relatively short amount of time.”

Commatteo has devoted 12 to 14 hours per day painstakingly creating the collection, which features her favorite color, orange, seamlessly incorporated throughout the nine women’s and six men’s pieces.

The Las Vegas show will be tremendous exposure for the 50-year-old Commatteo, who just five years ago was working as a personal assistant for a company executive in her native Wales.

That’s when, at age 46, the mother of two adult children took a leap of faith and resigned to pursue her lifelong passion for fashion. Three years later, in 2012, she graduated from the University of Wales-Newport, and her first collection, called Shreds, proved so impressive that the London Evening Standard newspaper (with a daily readership of nearly 1.7 million people) named her one of the five designers to watch in the United Kingdom.

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But Commatteo’s rapport with Von Giessen was so strong that she passed on job opportunities closer to home and accepted a position as Alpaca Couture’s creative director in rural Manitowoc County.

“It was a great decision,” a smiling Commatteo said in her Welsh accent while taking a break from sewing in her Mishicot studio space. “I love Wisconsin and I love what Wade and I are doing with Alpaca Couture. And now with this Las Vegas show coming up, it’s going to be amazing. I’m excited and nervous ... but nervous first!”

Commatteo and Von Giessen said they’re not aware of any other fashion designer/alpaca breeder duos like them in the fashion world.

Much of the alpaca fabric she uses comes from just down the road in Two Rivers at LondonDairy Alpacas, which Von Giessen (who also goes by Gease, the shortened form of his family name) has co-owned with Kevin Stoer since the 1990s. Additional alpaca fabric comes from farms in New York and Peru.

Alpaca boasts a “beautiful natural shimmer,” said Von Giessen, who also has designed things for Alpaca Couture. One of his inventions, the Wet Felting Wizard, has been instrumental in the creation of alpaca handbags and purses.

But although alpaca can be felted, knitted and sewn, among other things, working with the fabric in high-end fashion can be tricky.

“Usually, when you design something it’s easier to go out and find the fabric to match the design,” Commatteo said. “I’m finding that I have to do it backwards, because alpaca fabric is a lot thicker. It doesn’t drape as easy. It doesn’t want to do sometimes what my design wants, so I need to change things around and be flexible.”

With three pieces yet to finish, Commatteo said she’s thrilled with the Freedom collection.

“Part of my inspiration for it came from the trees here when they were blowing,” Commatteo said. “That made me feel really good, so I wanted to give the fabric the same feeling — the blowing and freedom that the trees have. That’s why I’ve incorporated the way the fabric is in some of the pieces. I wanted it to be a very unique collection, and I think we’ve done that.

“We can’t wait to go show it to everyone.”

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Where Fashion Meets Japanese Fantasy and StarCraft II - Kotaku

Where Fashion Meets Japanese Fantasy and StarCraft II

Namechecking Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano? Running a StarCraft II team? Zhang Jingna is not your typical fashion photographer.

Zhang (AKA "zemotion") is one of the most talented young photographers in the world, shooting photos for Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and Photo Vogue as well as Mercedes Benz, Montblanc, and Lancôme, among many others.

Along with Ready at Dawn concept artist Tobias "tobiee" Kwan, Zhang began Motherland Chronicles earlier this year. It's an artbook project (the book hits in summer 2014), but Zhang and Kwan are working through the project in the most public way possible: Each week, they upload their next Motherland works online with Kwan contributing a painting and Zhang contributing a photo.

With Motherland Chronicles, Zhang hoped to explore the things she loved as a child: anime, manga, and Japanese fantasy art. For her photos, she draws classical painterly art as well as Japanese artist like Jun Suemi, Toshiaki Kato, Ayami Kojima, and the aforementioned Amano. Throughout her work, you can even see visual references to manga collective Clamp.

The results are photos that look like traditional paintings, but are grounded in Japanese fantasy, whether that's anime, manga, or video games.

Where Fashion Meets Japanese Fantasy and StarCraft II

Where Fashion Meets Japanese Fantasy and StarCraft II

As you can see, Zhang has collaborated with cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao (above) on the series.

Where Fashion Meets Japanese Fantasy and StarCraft II

Where Fashion Meets Japanese Fantasy and StarCraft II

"I started shooting for Harper's Bazaar Singapore when I was 20," says Zhang. "But once that started, I became so busy doing commercial work, I never had time to do the things I used to like as a teenager anymore."

As with most in her generation, Zhang grew up playing games. Unlike most gamers, she also used to have her own semi-pro StarCraft II team, called Infinity Seven, which Zhang says disbanded earlier this month. For Zhang, managing the team, working as a professional photographer, and doing her Motherland Chronicles side-project was stretching her too thin.

"I picked up StarCraft II casually in the beginning, because of an ex," she says. After that relationship ended, she kept playing. "Made a clan and then that turned into a team," she recalls. "Good times."

Where Fashion Meets Japanese Fantasy and StarCraft II

Where Fashion Meets Japanese Fantasy and StarCraft II

Besides her day job shooting ads and fashion layouts, Motherland Chronicles isn't only what occupies Zhang's free time, but it's also a tribute to what inspired her as she was coming of age. "In part," she adds, "[it's also] a reminder to others about personal work, the things they used to love and shouldn't forget."

You can see more of Zhang's work on her official site below as well as on the Motherland Chronicles site.

Zhang Jingna [Official Site]

Motherland Chronicles [Official Site]

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Gym gear heats up – in fashion, that is - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

– So long, dingy sweatpants.

Workout clothes for women, once relegated to the back of the closet, are moving to the front of the fashion scene.

Yoga pants are the new jeans, neon sports bras have become the “it” accessory and long athletic socks are hipper than high heels.

“I’ve actually had more excitement buying workout gear than normal jeans and dresses,” says Amanda Kleinhenz, 27, who wears workout gear both in and outside of the gym in Cleveland. “I want to look good.”

Blame it on the push by many Americans toward a more active lifestyle. Or call it an extension of the nation’s fascination with fashion. Either way, these days jogging suits are just as likely to be seen on a runway in New York as a treadmill in Texas.

In fact, sales of workout gear are growing faster than sales of everyday clothing – by a lot.

Spending on workout clothes jumped 7 percent to $31.6 billion during the 12-month period that ended in August from the same period a year ago. That compares with a 1 percent rise in spending for other clothing to about $169.2 billion.

But these aren’t cheap cotton T-shirts and spandex jumpsuits. Top designers like Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang all rolled out fitness chic clothing lines, with everything from $50 leggings to $125 zip-front hoodies and $225 long john sweatpants. And big nationwide retailers like Gap, Forever 21, Victoria Secret and Macy’s have fitness lines, too.

“Active has become an important part of what customers are wearing,” says Karen Hoguet, chief financial officer at Macy’s, which is expanding its active wear label to 400 stores from 160. “Sometimes it’s for athletic endeavors. Sometimes it’s just to run errands.”

This is the latest evolution in fitness fashion. Sweatpants and tees were the hallmark of athletic clothing for decades. That changed with the invention of spandex in 1959, then again with the aerobics craze of the 1980s when tights, leotards, legwarmers and nylon track suits became popular.

Athletic gear giants such as Nike, Reebok and Adidas were popular for years as synthetic material like Gore Tex and Lyrcra gained popularity because of their performance qualities. Then, in the late 1990s, it became cool to wear workout clothes everywhere after the Lululemon athletic chain opened and gained a loyal following of fitness enthusiasts willing to shell out $100 for yoga pants.

Annie Georgia Greenberg, a New York editor for style blog Refinery29, says she noticed the trend at the New York Fashion week in September as more people were choosing shoes like the neon Nike Free Flyknit over designer pumps. Greenberg herself paired a “Gold’s Gym” T-shirt and Adidas Samba sneakers with a two-piece bejeweled suit – something she wouldn’t have done a couple years ago.

“It is almost cooler to be comfortable and athletic and feel like yourself than to be overly glam,” Greenberg says.

Fitness chic also sends a message to others that you are living a healthy lifestyle, says Noreen Naroo, senior creative director for apparel at fitness brand Under Armour. Recently, Naroo did a mile run at her daughter’s elementary school with leggings, a sports bra, T-shirt and sneakers. She changed from her sneakers into boots to go to work.

“This is exactly what women are doing – running between work and play,” Naroo says.

Nike says that’s one reason its women’s business has added $1 billion in revenue since fiscal 2010 to reach $4 billion in fiscal 2013. It’s been fueled in part by demand for fashionable workout gear like its leggings with compression technology that is made to be flattering. Another hit has been its “tights of the moment,” limited edition running tights with geometric or neon prints.

And to capitalize on the popularity of classes such as Barre and Pilates in which people usually go barefoot, Nike says it created a lightweight foot wrap called Wrap Pack which helps with hygiene and slippage, but also looks stylish. “Women don’t want to compromise performance or style,” says Heidi O’Neil, Nike’s vice president and general manager of women’s training.

CrossFit, a high intensity group training program, also has inspired fitness chic with brightly colored knee-high socks, colorful tanks and accessories like headbands and compression arm bands. “We’re seeing fitness become a fashion look,” said Chris Froio, vice president of fitness and training at Reebok, which sponsors the CrossFit Games.

Danielle Duffy, 31, wears CrossFit T-shirts and sparkly silver headbands or customized pink-and-purple Reebok shoes both in the gym and out hanging out with pals.

“Sometimes we’ll dress up in normal clothing ... but mostly we’re the sweaty girls in CrossFit clothes hanging out in a bar,” says Duffy, who lives in Washington, D.C. “We own it and we’re going to be those people.”

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