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If there is someone to trust when it comes to doling out fashion advice, it’s Tim Gunn. With Labor Day this weekend, we wanted to learn once and for all: is it ok to wear white after Labor Day? In our Q&A with the Project Runway mentor and style guru, we tackle that question (spoiler alert: you totally can!) and dispel other antiquated fashion rules.

Is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?
“Oh absolutely! All those rules need to go away. All of them, absolutely. In fact, winter white is stunning, it really is.”

What are some tips for wearing white after Labor Day?
“Don’t wear it with a crop top. I mean you can pair it with anything that’s appropriate. When I say appropriate, weather appropriate, it’s occasion appropriate and it’s age appropriate. I love white trench coats, they’re gorgeous.”

You mentioned winter white, what are some ways to incorporate that?
“I think that there’s nothing that a woman looks better in than a crisp white top, stunning. Look at Carolina Herrera. It’s funny though, a dear friend of mine is Grace Mirabella the former editor-in-chief of Vogue and Grace is always saying ‘I’m on a constant hunt for the great white shirt.’ I want to say ‘Grace, let’s go shopping together, we’ll find it.’ But it’s so flattering and it sets off the face. It should have an open neck, have a big wide lapel, and it looks great.”

What are some of the other fashion rules you think are meant to be broken?
“That you can’t wear black and brown together, in fact you can. In fact, I think there are a few things that are chicer than black with brown suede boots–beautiful. That’s certainly one rule. That you can’t mix patterns, I mean look at me, of course you can. Then there are things that should be banished from everyone’s wardrobe.”

What are some of those?
“The cargo capri pant, or any capri pants should be banished. I mean they’re everywhere. I have a theory about them. My theory is, it’s an easy pant to fit because you only have to fit the waist and when you’re wearing a longer pant you have to be concerned about how high your heel is, it needs to be appropriate to that footwear so it’s not a matter of well any pant can go with any shoe. That’s why I say I’m so happy I’m a man because we don’t have these issues. My issue with the crop pant is that visually it makes women look shorter, it cuts off the leg in an unflattering place and when you add the cargo pockets it makes them look wider. The women that I know want to look long and lean, they don’t want to look short and squat. That’s one issue. The other is actually crop tops–what is with these things? They are fine at the beach, but I don’t think they belong on city streets. My other pet peeve is the drop-crotch pant, which I just think it’s very unflattering: it makes women and men, too, when they wear them, it’s like you’re packing a diaper, so it’s not a good look. But most fashion mistakes fall in the category of fit: that items are either too big or too small. And your clothes should, when they fit well, I believe they should skim you, not hug you and not fall away from you.”

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