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The stars of the music industry were striking a pose on the Grammy Awards red carpet, but did they hit the right notes?

Traditionally, the Grammy Awards see stars making more adventurous wardrobe decisions than they would at the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards. And while the broader options mean that overall, the Grammys are a lot more fun, there is also a greater degree of fashion error. Writers Marama and Kristina share the Grammy Awards 2014 fashion hits and misses.

The red carpet fashions were not the only spectacle at the Grammy Awards this year. Madonna and Queen Latifah married 33 couples during Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love,” while Beyoncé and Jay Z kicked things off with “Drunk In Love,” in the first televised performance of a song from Beyoncé’s new self-titled album. For more, see the full list of Grammy winners and Grammy performances.

Beyoncé in Michael Costello

Beyoncé Michael Costello

Marama: Hit. Queen Bey can do no wrong. This provocative, lace dress shows off her figure, and looks flawless against her skin and matched with that hair and makeup. The back is, if you can believe it, even better. I love this, even if she did wear white to those 33 weddings.

Kristina: Hit. Beyonce just looks phenomenal. The lace is so intricate and fits her like a glove – which, incidentally, is the one thing I think she can lose from this look.

Taylor Swift in Gucci

Taylor Swift in Gucci

Marama: Hit This is perfect. Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, Swift knows how to kill it on the red carpet. This is absolutely flawless.

Kristina: Hit I love it! It was my favorite look of the night. I want to borrow it and wear it everyday, even if I did initially think it was sparkles and not chain-link.

Katy Perry in Valentino

Katy Perry in Valentino

Marama: Miss. First, I have to address the slick backed facelift donut hair. It’s like something out of a tacky beauty pageant. I don’t hate the gown (and the back of it is really gorgeous), but she has ruined it with the styling, and regardless, the colour is not a great choice on her.

Kristina: Miss. Okay, I like this dress when it walked the Valentino runway, there was significantly less tulle and the music notes were more prominent and seemed elegant instead of runaway ballerina. Katy Perry’s hair was also the topic of much criticism, pulled tightly back into a strange bun with mini-buns around it, wasn’t a bit hit.

Rita Ora in Lanvin

Rita Ora in Lanvin

Marama: Hit. I love this. The hair and makeup is perfect, and although I realise the super shiny gold will not be to everyone’s liking, I think it works for the Grammys. It isn’t perfect, but it is a fun statement and it is also very Rita Ora.

Kristina: Hit. The cool thing about this dress is that while it’s green in the photo, it is also gold or purple depending on the angle see stands at and how the lights hit it. It could’ve been better-fitting, but this isn’t the worst.

Madonna in Ralph Lauren

Madonna in Ralph Lauren

Marama: Hit. Let’s be honest, it’s not the strangest thing she has ever worn. And really, at this point hasn’t Madonna earned the right to wear whatever the wants, even if it means she looks like a film noir cowboy detective? She can still work a look like no other, power to her.

Kristina: Miss. The suit part is fine, it’s the hat, cane, and gold grillz (which she proudly showed off to Ryan Seacrest) that just ruins everything about her outfit for me.

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