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Welcome to our live chat on fashion at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Joining us Monday at 11 a.m. will be John-John Williams IV, The Baltimore Sun's fashion and pop culture reporter; local expert Latease Lashley of Creatively Speaking INC; and Lana Rae, the founder and producer of Fashion Awards MD. Submit your questions now!

Is this live video-streamed? Do I need to connect to my computer's camera?

@LanaRae: Nope, we're not live-streaming this. You're all set.

Should we begin with the good, the bad, or the ugly? LOL

We've got our first question ... and it definitely falls into "the ugly" category ...

She looked like a pilgrim to me!

I saw a photo of her next to the Quaker Oat man online

. That should answer your question!

Oh, Madonna! She was probably one of the worst dressed people period! Don't throw your child under the bus for the fashion blunder. The hand jewelry, the grills, the lone ranger nod, and then the Col. Sanders ensemble for the ridiculous marriage display....she's on my Project Runaway list. She's out!

And her interview with E! was very blah. I think I dozed off for a second!

And was it just me or did she also sing old? I thought it was a Golden Girls tribute for a second!

Oh, THIS one. The ugly cousin of her black & White ensemble she had on earlier.

YIKES!!!! And she has a "pimp stick" in her hand! Wow! She's a mess!

In other news, her FACE looks great. Great doctor I suppose? But she looks flawless from the next up.

Lana, her face isn't moving AT ALL! LOL. Maybe that's why she sang like it was a major chore.

Oh well that photo just discounted my last comment about her face. HAHA!!

Speaking of bad, lets address Pharrell Williams! Hands down was the worst dressed man of the evening. I couldn’t figure out whether or not he stole the naming hat from Harry Potter or sat on top of Smokey the Bear’s hat before plopping it on his head. And what was up with those boots, jeans and jacket? Project Runaway contestant as well.

LOL. The proof is in the picture, Lana! :-)

Back to Pharrell and that Harry Potter naming hat! lol

My boy Pharrell…. he usually can ROCK his looks but I don't know what in the heck happened.

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say that his stylist was off for the night.

AHHHHH! I just screamed out loud!! WRONG HAT for ANY OUTFIT. WRONG outfit for the Grammy's. And where is his other shoe lace!!

Agreed, Lana! He's usually very well dressed. Last night was a major misstep. And what about his date? Sweet Baby Jesus in the manger. No room in the Inn. They were the worst couple by far! LOL

Let's move on to Kacey Musgraves, who might have won best Country album, but her outfit was a complete disaster! From the lampshade for a skirt to the Christmas lights for boots, she might have been a walking billboard for General Electric, but not for a fashionista.

I can't stress just how bad her outfit was. It was a complete mess.

I thought the light up boots were cute for her performance, but not for real life.

Another example of "when your stylist goes on vacation" !!!!!

I'm cringing just thinking about it again. Such a sad, sad styling decision. LOL.

When Bedazzling does WRONG… (insert here photo here) ahaha!

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