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Rihanna Models may be doing an eloquent job on runways in New York and Paris, but according to established designer Tom Ford, Rihanna’s sense of style has embarked a new wave in today’s fashion world. Models are not enough to get the job done anymore, so it seems. Fashion icon and multi-Grammy winning artist Rihanna is on the path of conquering fashion and how it influences the world. With over 13 million followers on one of the most followed social media platforms Instagram, the vibrant pop singer has more of an impact on the fashion community than anticipated. Could Rihanna be the new fashion source? During an interview with Style.com, Ford expressed his passion for fashion and how Rihanna, a new fashion source, seems to convey his ideal of what fashion consumers are in hunt for now. Social media has created a gateway to the fashion world, Ford relays inadvertently. “Customers don’t care about hard–copy publications or reviews anymore.” Customers are raving over what new pair of shoes Rihanna is going to post or what she is wearing these days. The pop singer always parades new gifts from high fashion designers such as Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Prada, etc. via instagram. She is the most spoiled celebrity and everyone knows! According to MTV news, Rihanna has taken a hiatus from her instagram account. Followers have noticed an absence of the rebel bombshell’s racy photos and incredible fashion sense including designer Tom Ford. After posting very intimate photos from her Lui cover spread earlier this month, Rihanna has been MIA for the month of May. The site was “accidently” deleted, resulting in Rihanna vanishing completely from the network disengaging the world of its most influential fashion source and what is new. Although the Ford is recognized for banning social media from his events, he recognizes and acknowledges the impact that social media has had in reference to fashion. It is something new and evolving for the world of fashion and without Rihanna, it is not possible. He needs her back Tom Ford names Rihanna the new influential fashion source says Eonline.com. Although the artist is on strike, she may be contemplating a return. In response to Ford’s interview, Rihanna replies to the interview on twitter, “he gets it!” Her absence definitely elucidates frustration. The artist seems to be more than aware of her impact on fashion and society and wants to be appreciated for it. Rihanna has acquired millions of fans over the past 10 years of her music career. Fans from all over the world visit her on tours as well as follow her daily routines on instagram and twitter. The tenacious singer has been known for sharing uploads of herself and crew on boat trips, exhibiting a Hollywood college lifestyle kind of behavior, captivating fans and keeping them engaged. To be noticed by such a superior influence in fashion is beyond honorable, and she has earned every right to be proud of it. Ford has stated his claim, hopefully Rihanna, the new fashion source, will be willing to oblige and return to instagram. The fashion world is on a road to something quite different and Rihanna is responsible for that. By Erica Sandifer fashionista GRAZIA mtvNEWS the source eonline Entertainment WEEKLY

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