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Angie Harmon is in full confession mode when it comes to her online obsession. “I have an unnatural addiction to Pinterest,” she reveals. “I love recipes and home design, and the creativity out there is so inspirational. All of a sudden an hour has gone by!” When she’s not pinning up new ideas, Harmon, 41, puts on her detective badge for Rizzoli & Isles, returning for its fifth season on TNT June 17. She films in L.A. but makes her home in Charlotte, N.C., with her husband, former NFL cornerback Jason Sehorn, and their daughters, ages 10, 8, and 5. “One of my happiest moments is seeing my girls play dress up in Mommy’s closet,” she tells Erin Hill.

PARADE What do you love most about playing Jane Rizzoli?

It’s fun to play a tomboy with no reference for fashion. She’s the opposite of me; I’m a fairly girly girl.

So you enjoy getting glammed up for the red carpet?

Absolutely! It’s one of my favorite parts of the job. I also have three little girls, so I can justify any expense because it’s an investment! I look at fashion the way an art collector considers art, and I have quite an impressive collection. We basically gutted the master bedroom and turned it into my closet.

What are your memories of your modeling ­career in the early 1990s?

I had a fabulous time. Well, I wasn’t loving it when I was in a bikini and heels on an iceberg, but I look back with a big smile. The fashion world seems like such a business now, and you hope [the models] are having as much fun as we did. Back then, there weren’t paparazzi who would get you falling out of a car if you had too much to drink. The consequences weren’t as steep.

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Is it true that David Hasselhoff helped you transition from model to actress?

It is! He discovered me on a plane and offered me a role on ­Baywatch Nights, but I said, “No, thank you,” because I’d never had an acting lesson. Oddly enough, my friend who was with me went on an audition for him two weeks later and he said, “You were with that girl!” That’s where it all ­started; the opportunity came back, and I will always be thankful to David for believing in me.

What’s your perfect Sunday?

In North Carolina we go to church, but I don’t really have a church in L.A. so these days we get up, put on our swimsuits, and hang out by the pool. It’s very restful. We have Sunday night dinner with friends and their kids and some of the cast. I just got this fabulous outdoor dining table that lights on fire down the middle. I just love that I’ve got people around that table every Sunday.

Your husband played for the New York Giants and now does commentary for college games. Is football big around the house?

It’s on all the time. I love it ­because I’m from Texas and just the sound of it in the background is fantastic. It triggers memories of home and great smells. ­Football season is a family- and friend-centered time for me. My middle daughter loves to go out and throw the football around with her dad.

Jason proposed to you on The Tonight Show in 2000. Have you shown that clip to your daughters?

I don’t think they have seen it, but they’re just now getting to the age where they would get it. For a long time I didn’t tell the girls what I did for a living; they found out through school. I’m very self-conscious about the whole “Hi, look at me, I’m on TV!” thing, but it was an incredible moment. I should show it to them—that’s a good idea!

Watch Jason’s romantic proposal here. Angie’s reaction is priceless!

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